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This list is compiled from the Indexes to the Registers of Births since July 1837 held at the Family Record Centre in London. There is no public access to the actual registers, but copies of entries can be bought, with additional charges if obtained by post. The registers relate only to England and Wales, and therefore do not include registrations in Scotland or Ireland.

The registers were compiled on a quarterly basis at that time, and the relevant quarter of registration is listed in the first column, not the exact date. Where a birth occurred towards the end of a quarter it may not have been registered until early in the following quarter.

The surname is exactly as given in the index, even though some names are known to have copied incorrectly from the original registers.

The mother's maiden name was not given in the indexes until 1911, but I have usually been able to provide this from my own records.

Only the Registration District is listed in the indexes. This usually covers quite a wide area, so it is only a rough guide as to the place where the birth actually took place.

The volume and page numbers are as listed in the indexes, and are required when ordering copy certificates.

The reliability of the indexes depends on the ability of the writer or typist to interpret and transcribe correctly the original entry by the vicar or registration officer and to include it in the index. It is a known fact that over the years many entries have been missed altogether from the indexes, and others have been badly mis-spelt. I have looked for peculiar spellings and mis-spellings of our name, but it is quite possible that I have missed entries where the name has been very badly mis-spelt, especially if the first letter of the name has been misread so that it does not appear under the S's.

There are separate registers for Military births, that is to say children born to the wives of serving members of the armed forces, and such few entries as are relevant I have included under the appropriate year. I have found no trace of our name in any of the various other miscellaneous registers, such as diplomatic registrations, adoptions etc.


Quarter Surname First names Mother Regn Dist Vol Page

Sep 1837 Sturtevant William Brailsford Radford 15 430

Sep 1837 Sturlevant William ? Radford 15 439

Dec 1838 Sturtevant Buxton Matthews Shoreditch 2 293

Jun 1839 Sturtevant Betsey Brailsford Radford XV 664

Jun 1839 Sturtivant Christopher Upton Belper XIX 401

Jun 1839 Sturtivant Phoebe Ann Lomax Shardlow XIX 545

Jun 1839 Studavent Ann Pearson Caister XIV 293

Mar 1840 Sturtevant Priscilla Matthews Shoreditch II 341

Jun 1840 Startifant Mary Anne Paul Preston XXI 655

Dec 1841 Sturtevant Agnes Henrietta Matthews Shoreditch II 328

Dec 1841 Stirtevant Susanna Brailsford Nottingham XV 537

Jun 1842 Sturtivant Sarah Ann Upton Belper XIX 410

Jun 1843 Sturtivant Martha Anne Lomax Derby XIX 520

Mar 1844 Stirtevant Samuel Brailsford Nottingham XV 621

Mar 1846 Stirtevant John Brailsford Nottingham XV 593

Mar 1847 Sturtivant George Joseph Upton Lambeth IV 292

Mar 1848 Stirtevant Catherine Brailsford Nottingham XV 566

Mar. 1848 Sturtevant Thomas Francis Upton Belper XIX 393

Mar 1850 Startivant Charles Brailsford Nottingham XV 594

Mar 1851 Sturtivant Albert Henry Upton Lambeth IV 317

Sep 1852 Stirtevant Emma Brailsford Nottingham 7B 205

Sep 1852 Stirtevant Violetta Brailsford Nottingham 7B 205

Mar 1853 Sturtevant Elizabeth Ellen Caroline Birchner(y) St Giles 1B 322

Mar 1853 Sturtivant Arthur Alexander Upton Lambeth 1D 286

Dec 1853 Sturtevant Kate Sissling Basford 7B 104

Dec 1853 Sturtevant Richard Lawrence Sadler Worcester 6C 268

Jun 1854 Sturtivant Christopher Brailsford Nottingham 7B 224

Mar 1856 Sturtivant Frederick William Jarvis Nottingham 7B 209

Mar 1857 Sturtivant William Thompson Leverton Westminster 1A 258

Sep 1857 Sturtevant Hanna M Sadler Army/2nd Dgns 231 87

Sep 1857 Sturtevant John B Sadler Army/2nd Dgns 231 87

Dec 1858 Sturtevant James K Sadler Army/2nd Dgns 231 96

Jun 1858 Sturtevant George Beresford Nottingham 7B 262

Dec 1859 Sturtevant William Beresford Nottingham 7B 229

Dec 1860 Sturtivant Eliza Lucy Ann Upton St Giles 1B 417

Jun 1861 Sturtevant Henry Beresford Nottingham 7B 35

Jun 1861 Sturtevant Marianne Davis Davis Dudley 6C 155

Sep 1862 Sturtevant Arthur Beresford Beresford Basford 7B 123

Dec 1862 Sturtevant Charles Westley Davis Dudley 6C 10A

Sep 1863 Sturtevant Arthur Buxton Rix Islington 1B 330

Dec 1864 Sturtevant Harold Edward Rix Edmonton 3A 130

Jun 1865 Stedefunt Samuel Handley Basford 7B 158

Mar 1866 Sturtevant Margaret M(arie) Rix Edmonton 3A 153

Dec 1867 Stertevant William Handley Basford 7B 164

Dec 1867 Sturtivant Wilhelmina Clara Ward Nottingham 7B 261

Jun 1869 Sturtivant Eliza Ellen A Bowling Croydon 2A 235

Sep 1869 Sturtivant William Cecil Ward Nottingham 7B 280

Mar 1870 Sturtevant Frank Handley Basford 7B 145

Jun 1870 Sterdevent Samuel Stevenson Basford 7B 180

Jun 1871 Stirtevant Clara Lester Basford 7B 177

Sep 1871 Stertevant Charles Handley Basford 7B 130

Dec 1871 Sturtivant Vincent Truman Ward Nottingham 7B 289

Mar 1872 Sturtevant Arthur Stevenson Basford 7B 185

Jun 1872 Sturtivant Annie Maria Bowling Croydon 2A 249

Jun 1873 Sturtivant Charles Lewis Lester Nottingham 7B 294

Dec 1873 Sturtivant Eveline Daisy Taylor Croydon 2A 250

Jun 1874 Sturtivant Maurice Gresham Ward Nottingham 7B 335

Jun 1874 Sturtivant Louisa Bowling Mitcham no trace

Dec 1874 Sturtevant John [George] Handley Basford 7B 157

Jun 1875 Sturtivant George Thomas Taylor Croydon 2A 259

Sep 1875 Sturtivant Annie Maria Bradford Radford 7B 240

Jun 1876 Sturtevant Mary Ann Handley Basford 7B 179

Jun 1876 Sturtevant (male) Stevenson Basford 7B 222A

Sep 1877 Sturtivant Minnie Bowling Croydon 2A 258

Dec 1877 Sturtevant Kate Ellen Bradford Radford 7B 263

Dec 1877 Sturtevant Leonora Prickett Birmingham 6D 245

Jun 1878 Sturtevant Eliza Handley Basford 7B 194

Jun 1878 Sturtivant Claude John P Ward Nottingham 7B 360

Sep 1878 Sturtivant Charles Albert Taylor Croydon 2A 273

Dec 1878 Sturtevant William Stevenson Basford 7B 213

Jun 1879 Sturtevant Winifred Winifred Aston 6D 436

Jun 1879 Sturtivant Ellen Annie Croker Islington 1B 265

Dec 1879 Sturtivant George Joseph Bowling? St Saviour 1D 92

Jun 1880 Sturtevant Thomas Handley Basford 7B 179

Dec 1880 Sturtivant Emily May Taylor Croydon 2A 266

Mar 1882 Sturtivant William Henry Bowling St Saviour 1D 100

Jun 1883 Sturtevant Christopher Muddeman Basford 7B 189

Sep 1883 Sturtevant James Henry Prickett Ecclesall B 9C 355

Sep 1883 Sturtivant Harry Taylor Croydon 2A 286

Jun 1884 Sturtevant Richard Lawrence A Arnold Pancras 1B 71

Jun 1884 Sturtivant Arthur Alexander Bowling St Saviour 1D 89

Sep 1884 Sturtevant Ethel Agnes Prickett Ecclesall B 9C 382

Sep 1884 Sturtevant Hannah Handley Basford 7B 178

Sep 1885 Sturtevant Florence Godwin Hackney 1B 499

Jun 1886 Sturtevant Charles Leon Arnold Pancras 1B 65

Sep 1886 Sturtivant Frank Stanley Taylor Croydon 2A 295

Mar 1887 Sturtevant Arthur Herbert Handley Basford 7B 169

Mar 1887 Sturtevant Charles Godwin Hackney 1B 532

Jun 1887 Sturtivant Maud Bowling? St Saviour 1D 105

Mar 1888 Sturtevant Gertrude Lilian G Godwin Hackney 1B 555

Dec 1889 Sturtivant Alice Ethel Taylor Croydon 2A 285

Mar 1890 Sturtevant Mary Godwin Brentford 3A 60

Sep 1890 Sturtivant John Albert Bowling St Saviour 1D 87

Dec 1890 Sturtevant Victor Godwin Bethnal Grn 1C 93

Sep 1891 Sturtivant Grace Alice Atherley Nottingham 7B 381

Sep 1892 Sturtivant Albert Henry Taylor Croydon 2A 293

Dec 1893 Sturtivant Samuel Atherley Nottingham 7B 375

Sep 1894 Sturtivant Dorothy Gertrude Glover Nottingham 7B 369

Mar 1895 Sturtivant Mary Eliza Swallow/Goy Nottingham 7B 411

Jun 1895 Sturtivant Christopher Francis Taylor Croydon 2A 299

Sep 1895 Sturtivant Samuel Malin Nottingham 7B 390

Dec 1895 Sturtivant Olive Blanche Atherley Nottingham 7B 391

Jun 1896 Sturtivant Archibald Wheat Nottingham 7B 411

Jun 1896 Sturtivant Ethel Swallow/Goy Nottingham 7B 378

Jun 1897 Sturtivant Victoria May Atherley Nottingham 7B 404

Sep 1897 Sturtivant Constance Malin Nottingham 7B 365

Jun 1898 Sturevant Dorothy Godwin Uckfield 2B 14

Dec 1898 Sturtivant Mary Christine Malin Nottingham 7B 362

Mar 1899 Sturtivant Charles Burton? Nottingham 7B 381

Mar 1900 Sturtivant Cecil Frederick Glover Nottingham 7B 386

Mar 1900 Sturtivant Winifred Mary Burton Nottingham 7B 359

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