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In 1753, Christopher Sturtevant , a Gentleman, of Norwell, Nottinghamshire, and later Walworth, London, had a son James. This son became a merchant, initially in business as such at Manchester, then by 1798 at Hamburg, later moving to Fallersleben (near Brunswick), which was at that time in the Kingdom of Hanover in Germany, where he was buried after his death on 5.7.1826. He married a German woman, Frederica Christiana Stegemann of Leipzig, and had at least two children, Richard Theodore and Elizabeth (or Elirabish?), and possibly a third, Henry [Johannes?] who married in Whitechapel, London in 1851. James died at Fallersleben on 5.7.1826, and his will was proved in England as he had property in this country. His wife was buried at Fallersleben in 1853.

Fallersleben [near Brunswick]

before 1798

Richard Theodore Sturtevant s of James and Frederica born.

before 1798

Elizabeth Sturtevant d of James and Frederica born.

after 1798?

Henry [Johannes] Sturtivant s of James and Frederica born.

5 Jul 1826

James Sturtevant , merchant, died.

Frankfurt-on-the-Oder [East of Berlin]

15 Oct 1869

Erich Sturtevant s of Hans (professor) born. [ He died 3 Mar 1947 at Juterborg]

Other known Germans up to 1900:

James Sturtivant m Frederica Christiana Stegeman d of Andreas of Leipzig. [ date unknown ]

Max Sturtevant son of Hans (a doctor of philosophy) born in 1843, married 23 May 1878 to Charlotte Bland at Penge, London.

Marie Sturtevant of Juterborg and Berlin, related to Erich, possibly his sister. The family appears to have owned a ventilator manufacturing company, which in 1904 produced "Sturtevant-Ventilatoren-Fabrik: Haupt-Katalog über Ventilatoren", published Berlin.

Elizabeth Stutvant d of Adolf, 23, spinster, m 2 Sep 1876 at St.John's, Fitroy Square, London to Edmund Heins , 26, bachelor. [ she may have been Elizabeth Ellen Caroline, d of Henry [Johnannes], baptised 29 Dec 1852 at St.Giles, London ]

Hannah Frederica Sturtevant , d of Richard Lawrence and Hannah, m 17.9.1861 at St.Pancras, London to George Ern Ritterhousen of Hamburg.

The Family Search website lists a James Sturdivan , believed born about 1846 in Hesel, Ostfriesland, Hanover, Prussia, who married Maria Antjelina Boulson .

(Personal note from Geoff Sturtivant: I recently stayed in a hotel at Oschersleben, between Hanover and Berlin, and the reservation was written as Störtwant! Is this a real German name, and does it have any connection??)

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