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This site was constructed for general information and entertainment, the facts given are all in the public domain, however the new content and presentation is the copyright of Geoff Sturtivant Copyright 2010.

All other copyrights are acknowledged.

'To take a single fact from another source is theft, to take from many is research!'

Where content has been inserted from other sources this is simply to avoid the problem of ' vanishing websites ' on the internet. Where appropriate we have included a link to the original source. If there are any problems (or objections) with this please let us know!

If you are using parts of this website for any use other than personal (eg commercial use) then please contact us for authorisation/approval.

Tips and Notes

When jumping to other linked websites use CTRL-F to enter the search text required, otherwise on some links it is hard to find the reference on a large page of text or names!

Also use the back arrow button on the browser to return to this website. Let me know if there is a preference for jumping to reference sites in a new window - I have avoided this at present.

This site was designed for viewing in Internet Explorer 4+ (I use IE5.5). I have not had much time to check with Netscape browsers, so let me know if there are problems. StarOffice 5.1 browser also works fine. Google Chrome and Firefox both work fine.

I programmed the site using Arachnophilia 4.0, Star Office 5.1 (html mode for tables) and Dreamweaver 3. One day I will find a program which does everything I need in one package!

The original text for the data pages (Ray's) was written in Wordstar 6.0(!) and Word97.

Yes, it took a long time to compile this website, we hope you appreciate it! Compiling the records has taken years, no, it has taken decades for my late father, Ray. Please respect this.

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