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Sturdivants in Wales

The following is taken from what appear to be genuine records posted on the Internet, but these have not been verified and there appears to be some disagreement in the Bobbit family as to the validity of these references. In addition we have not found any further evidence of Sturtivant or Sturdivant history in Wales.

John Sturdivant of Wales.

Version 1 : John Sturdivant b. 1630 in Wales He died in 1684 in Virginia (killed by Indians). He married Sarah Hallem (or Sarah Hallom in some refs - Geoff's comment), daughter of Robert Hallem in Charles City Co., VA in 1655.
Their children were Joanna (who married William Bobbitt), Daniel (b1665), Chichester (b1668) and Matthew (b1672) (there is also reference to a 'son' b1662 who was killed by the Indians with his father and Llewellyn Sturdivant b1670). (Geoff's Note:- It is possible that 'son' was actually John Sturdivant 'Junior' as it was common practice to name the first born after the father, and to avoid confusion the records may have ommitted his actual name)

There is another reference which gives Sarah Hallom married in 1654 to Samuel Woodward of Charles City Co VA who died about 1659, and then married John Sturdivant. (The dates don't agree with the above - Geoff's comment)

Before 14 Sep 1660 Sarah had married John Sturdivant. In 1673 he received permission from the county court to "entertain Indians" and was apparently an Indian trader in the employ of William Byrd I of Westover. William Byrd wrote, 29 Apr 1684 to Thomas Grendon in England that "old Sturdivant, his son, Milner, Shipy, Womacke & Hugh Cassell were killed by the Indians in their returne from the westward". Letters of administration were granted at January Court 1691 to Daniel Sturdivant on behalf of himself and his brothers, on the estate of their mother, Sarah Sturdivant, deceased.

Version 2 : John Sturdivant (b1635 - d1684) of Wales had a son Matthew (b1675 - d1728), who was married to a Sarah, possibly maiden name of Anderson (or Sarah Hollum Woodward?)

(ref http://genforum.genealogy.com/sturdivant/messages/215.html)

There is quite an extensive family tree based on this John Sturdivant at this address: http://www.angelfire.com/al2/bettie/EarlySturdivant.html

Joanna Sturdivant and William Bobbit of Glamorganshire Wales.

Joanna was born in Glamorganshire Wales in 1652 and died in 1740 in Bristol, Prince George County VA. (Again the dates are confusing as she would have been 88 which is unlikely in those times and there is a reference to a Joanna Sturdivant d 1702 in Bristol Parish, Charles City, Virginia and buried in Ferry Chapel Church Yard of Bristol Parish, Charles City, Virginia - /freepages.misc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~bobbittfamilydna/joshbobbitt/ps01_248.htm )

In 1673, William Bobbitt and his wife, Joanna Sturdivant Bobbitt, sailed from Cardiff, Wales to Virginia where William had been given a grant of 96 acres of land.

William couldn't have been more than 20 when he arrived in Virginia. He and his wife, Joanna Sturdivant (known as 'Anna'), were married in Wales in 1673 (ref http://www.keithbobbitt.com/pafmarvinbeatty/pafg01.htm#1 ); they had to have been married before making the voyage in order to receive their land grant as husband and wife.

The Sturdivant family came to Virginia at the same time as William and Joanna. John Sturdivant received a land grant on October 28, 1673, that adjoined the land that William received on October 27. It is likely that John and Joanna were brother and sister (Comment from Geoff Sturtivant, this is unlikely as there was 22 years age difference! - if you refer to John Sturdivant notes above I think it is likely that there was John Sturdivant father, and John Sturdivant son both of whome emigrated to the USA at the same time.).

William and Joanna were the youngest of those who applied for land grants in October 1673, and they had the least amount of land of all who were granted land in that month.

Not far from where William and Joanna settled on their 96 acres, was the small plantation of Thomas Jefferson, the great grandfather of President Thomas Jefferson.

William lived on his 96 acres with his family until his death in 1703.

William and Joanna had three children, William Jr., John, and James. (William (1675-1738), John [John Of Chowan] (1676-1736), James (1680-1740)) All 3 were born in the USA (VA).

(ref: http://keithbobbitt.com/arlenehansen/bobbittfamilyhistory.htm and further information from Beth Carnes)

"Joanna Sturdivant was born in 1650 in Glamorganshire, Wales. On the page preceding William Bobbitt’s original land grant, there is a grant to Henry Batts and John Sturdivant dated 10/28/1673 for 93 acres on the north side of the Appomattox River. (VA Patents #6, p480).322 From later records, it appears that the first generation of the Bobbitt family born in America is related to the Sturdivant family. The earliest mention of a female Bobbitt is that of Joanna Bobbitt mentioned before 1679. Researchers have determined that John Sturdivant was possibly her brother. " (ref http://www.webjmd.com/ed5v2.html )

And further comments; -"The Henry Batts and John Sturdivant settlement received land on the Bailey Creek, 3528 acres divided among 71 persons: a James Crews was one of this group. My husband's Bobbitt family, William Bobbitt, was the brother in law of John Sturdivant who led the Batts and Sturdivant group in 1673 including James Crews. William Bobbitt was from Glamorganshire, Wales, but the Sturdivants were from nearby Bristol, England area. On April 8, 1674 about five months later in CHARLES CITY COUNTY, VIRGINIA, Andrew [before 1645 - 1692] and John [before 1640 - 1725 Crews were transported by Hugh Lee, who had a grant of 2000 acres divided among 40 people on the north side of the third branch of Blackwater River in CHARLES CITY COUNTY, VIRGINIA now Prince George County, very near the 1673 settlement. Andrew died about 33 years before John and could have been his father. I don't know if all were related but more research on this period is needed; I've read that John was from Devonshire England. They are all at least cousins." stry.com/localities.northam.usa.states.virginia.unknown/1999.1998.2002.3/mb.ashx

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