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Yorkshire is a large and difficult county to research as the records are scattered around numerous archives on the former East Riding, North Riding and West Riding area [ a riding is an ancient term for a third ]. Only the archives at Beverley, Doncaster, Sheffield and Wakefield have been visited, with varying results. It is believed that all the present Sturtevant, Sturtivant, Sturdivant and Sturdevant families world wide, as well as other spelling variations, owe their origins to the Yorkshire family. The following names are known prior to the introduction of parish registers in the 1538:


Stirtavaunt (first name not listed) was a Freeman of York in 1272.

Robert Stircyuant , York 1379.

William Stirciuant , York 1379.

William Styruant , York 1379.

John Stertavant , mayor's esqire, York 1396/7 - 1434.

John de Stirtavaunt , gentleman, sword bearer, York 1396.

John Stirtavaunt , sword bearer, York 1405-1407.

John Stirtavaunt , mace bearer (also Mary and Isabel*), York, 1415.

John Stirtavaunt , mace bearer, York 1416-1436.

John Styrtavaunt , named in title deeds to property in Hertergate, York 29.3.1423.

John Sturtevant of York, executor of a will in 1428.

John Stirtaunt of York, gentleman, will 22.4.1434/probate 18.2.1436 at York.

Thomas Stirtivannt , tailor, York 1402/3.

Richard Stirtavant , draper, York 1413.

Thomas Sturtavaunte of York, tailor, appears in the Banco Rolls circa 1428 and 1431. also Thomas Sturtavant , tailor, York 1446/7.

Richard Stertevante of York, a chapman, will 20.1.1442/probate 11.2.1442 at York. [A chapman was a pedlar or merchant]

Isabella Startyvente(?) [ widow ?], York 1449/50* [ see John above ]

Agnes Stirtivaunt , maid to Alice de la Pole , York, widow of Sir John de la Pole of Newborough, bequest in Alice's will dated 10 January 1451/2.

Alan Stirtevaunt , tailor, York 1440. also Alan Stertevaunt , member of Guildaughter of Corpus Christi, York 1445. also Alan Stertewant of York, probate 24.9.1452 at York - sister & executrix Agnes Margaret Styrtyvante , member of Guild of Corpus Christi, York 1469.


William Stircuiant and wife Alice, at Athewyck in Tickhill Wapentake, South Yorks 1379.

Robert Stircyant , at Athewyck in Tickhill Wapentake, S.Yorks 1379.

William Styrtuant , servant, at Halton West in Staincliffe Wapentake, N.Yorks 1379.*

Richard Styrtauaee(?), at Hellifield in Staincliffe Wapentake, N.Yorks 1379.* [NB. Halton East and Hellifield are only a few miles from Slaidburn, Lancs, where Nicholas Stertevaunt was a priest c.1500 - 1515]

John Sturdivaunete had lands at Wales, nr Rotherham in 1535.

John Sturdivaincte/Sturtyvante , [chantry?] priest at Todwick (nr Rotherham?) c.1534-1546.

Bridlington Parish Registers

Christopher Sturtevant of Norwell was a butcher here in 1731, but no family entries found in Parish Registers

Doncaster St.George Parish Registers

24 Jun 1666

Robert Hall married Katherine Sturtevant.

16 Feb 1687

Samuel St(urtivant) buried. [Not in transcript. What was the source?]

14 Nov 1698

George Ward married Katherine Sturtevant .

2 Apr 1700

Samuel Sturtevant cordwinder married Ann Martin .

1 Apr 1701

Mary daughter of Samuel Sturtinent cordwinder baptised.

Jun 1703

Robert son of Samuel Sturtivent c ordwinder baptised. [between 5th & 8th]

15 Jun 1703

Robert son of Samuel Sturtivent cordwinder buried.

17 Nov 1705

Samuel son of Samuel Sturtevant cordwinder baptised.

24 Oct 1731

John Sturtivant married Frances Parsonson .

9 Apr 1733

Joseph son of John Sturtevant baptised.

6 Jan 1733/4

George Morley married Hannah Sturtivant by licence.

28 May 1735

Samuel Sturtevant buried.

21 Mar 1736

Hannah daughter of John Sturtivant baptised.

3 Jul 1737

Joseph son of John Sturtivant buried.

12 Feb 1739

Ann daughter of John Sturtivant baptised.

7 Aug 1742

Frances wife of John Sturtivant buried.

7 Nov 1742

[Mary?] Sturtivant . [page burnt, appears to be Mary under ultra-violet light]

9 Nov 1742

John Sturtivant married Mary Lent .

25 Sep 1743

Elizabeth daughter of John Sturtivant baptised.

29 Jul 1746

Samuel Sturtivant buried.

31 Jul 1747

Mary daughter of John Sturtivant baptised.

3 Aug 1748

Robert Robinson married Catherine Sturtivant .

13 Apr 1753

John Hurtivant buried.

9 Feb 1756

Joseph Carr married Mary Sturtivant .

Sep 1756

Ann Hurtivant buried.

30 Apr 1758

William Hurtivant buried.

31 Mar 1767

Christian Radymaker married Elizabeth Sturtivant.

Elloughton by Brough Parish Registers

31 Dec1728

Wm Hall , Mariner married Mary Sturtevant , serv, both of Brough, by banns.

Finningley Parish Registers - See under Nottinghamshire.

Myton-on-Swale Parish Registers
[NOT CHECKED WITH ORIGINALS - near Boroughbridge]

28 Jul 1701

Thomas Slater married Judith Stortiphant . [per IGI, but not in published Parish Register extracts]

Nunkeeling Parish Registers

24 Feb 1650/1,

William the sonne of Edward Sturdivan baptised.

Rossington Parish Registers [not checked with originals]

1 May 1614

Francis Wright married Elizabeth Sturtevante . [she was the daughter of William & Margaret of Carlton-on-Trent]

Sheffield St.Peter Parish Registers

9 Jul 1647

Joseph Sturtivant married Maria Staniforth .

2 Jul 1648

Maria Sturtevant daughter of Joseph baptised.

25 Jul 1648

Maria Sturtevant daughter of Joseph buried.

13 Oct 1650

Sarah Sturtivant daughter of Joseph baptised.

20 Feb 1653

Robert Sturdevant son of Joseph baptised.

16 Feb 1686/7

Joseph Sturtivant of Attercliffe buried.

10 Apr 1690

Mary Sturtiant buried.

Silkstone Parish Registers

18 Nov 1672

Mr Lawrence Sturtevant married Mrs Margaret Leek of Nottinghamshire.

14 Jan 1822

Christopher Sturtevant married Matilda Dalton , both of this parish and the Chapelry of Barnsley by banns in the presence of Matthew Dalton and Mary Ellis .

York St.Helen Parish Registers [not checked with originals]

10 Jan 1724

John Harrison married Mary Sturtevant.

An unidentified parish in Yorkshire


Sarah Sturtevant married Daniel Micklethwaite.

Index to the Archbishop of York's Marriage Bonds and Allegation 1790 – 1799

22 Apr 1791

Thomas Hutchinson, 21, Arnold, Notts and Sarah Sturtivant , 21, Arnold, Notts. Church/Chapelry - Arnold PC, Notts.

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