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The B.F. Sturtevant Co. was best known as the world's largest industrial fan manufacturer. The founder, Benjamin Sturtevant , is the father of the American industry, having built the first commercially successful blower in 1864.

The B.F. Sturtevant Co. of Hyde park, Boston, Mass. was a big engineering firm even before the advent of the new science of aeronautics. Whilst the first world war was raging in Europe, The Sturtevant Aeroplane Co. (1915-1918) was formed by the parent company to develop military aircraft. The new company was based at Jamaica Plain Mass.

They produced a number of aircraft for both the army and the navy, in particular the "Battle" S4 aeroplane of naval type, and the USN bought 12 of those machines whose inner structure was all metal, a rather innovative approach for the time applied by Mr. Grover Loening, Sturtevant's chief designer. The Sturtevant S wasn't one of his best designs... with a velocity of 40 to 73 mph a climbing rate of 4000ft in 12 min. and two gunners enclosed in little nacelles between the struts it wasn't an elegant nor fast nor agile aircraft.

Vincent Tocco has produced an excellent website covering all aspects of the B.F. Sturtevant Company on www.sturtevantfan.com

The Sturtevant Aeroplane Co. (1915-1918), a subsidiary of the B.F.Sturtevant Co.,built 3 models (possibly more according to Aerofiles below):

(a) Model A Battleplane (1915), an experimental fighter; (1 built)

No pictures available

(b) Model B seaplanes (1916) (2 built)
Model B SeaPlane flying in 1916

(c) Model S planes (1916-1917). (17 built)

Sturtevant S type plane (note the gunner on each wing)

Sturtevant S type plane (note the gunner on each wing)

Sturtevant S type plane (note the gunner on each wing)

Sturtevant S type plane (note the gunner on each wing)

They only made sales on the later model, (12) Navy, (4) Army and (1) Rhode Island Militia. They were the first metal fuselage planes to be used by the military and are recognised as such by the NASA aviation timeline .

The 'official' data on the Sturtevant Aeroplane Co is given in aerofiles listing as follows:


(B F) Sturtevant Blower Works. 1914: B F Sturtevant Co, Hyde Park, Boston. 1915: Sturtevant Aeroplane Co (with Eugene Foss, Grover Loening, et al), Jamaica Plain MA.

P-L Tractor 1915 = 2pOB; Engine 80hp 6-cyl Sturtevant.

Trainer 1916 = Army. 2pOB; 135hp Sturtevant 5; span: 38'0" length: 25'0". Monocoque fuselage. POP: 5 [AS211/215]; s/ns [AS216/228] issued but aircraft never built.

S 1916 = No data. Engine 150hp Sturtevant 5A; Span 48' 7.5". POP: 2 to USAS [AS110/111] (4 more cancelled but issued s/ns [AS64/67]) and 12 to USN [A76/81, A128/133].

Sturtevant Seaplane

S-4 Battleplane 1916 = Army. 3pOB; Engine 150hp Sturtevant 5A; span: 50'0" (>48'0") length: 28'0" (>29'0"). Designer Grover Loening. Steel frame; twin-gun turrets mounted on each lower wing. POP: 4 [Seaplanes?? AS126/127, AS214/215].

Sturtevant S Type
Seaplane 1916 = 2pOBF. POP: 12.

B 1917 = Army. OB; Engine Sturtevant 5A.
   Four aircraft were ordered by the Army on Nov 8, 1916, as [AS277/280]. The first one flew the first time on March 20, 1917, but crashed on that flight; the remaining three were then cancelled.

Steel Trainer 1918 = Army. 2pOB. POP: 1 [AS40007].


The company also developed and produced a number of aero engines which are described separately on the following page:

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