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The family name is now quite widespread in both the U.S.A. and to a much lesser extent in Canada, but these are mostly descended from various early settlers, and therefore outside the scope of this listing. There were some direct immigrants from England in the 18th or 19th centuries, though details are sparse.

Known early settlers:

Roger Startivant (aged 21) of Chipping sailed for Virginia 2.1.1634 in the merchant bonaventure "JAMES RICROFTE". He was probably later in Barbados (also see West Indies including Barbados"), also using the spelling Sturdivant .

Samuel Sturtevant arrived at Plymouth, Mass in 1643 (1642?). Has been claimed to be from Rochester, Kent, though this may simply have been the port of embarkation. He married Ann ( Lee ?) and was granted lands in 1650, possibly at Plymouth. He was a soldier in colonial wars, and had 10 children with many descendants. He was a Constable for Plymouth in 1664. He signed as Samuell Sturtivant in his will, and died at Plymouth some time between 1.8.1669 and 22.10.1669. He was probably born between 1618 and 1664; it is conjectured by the American branch that he went to Plymouth as an apprentice or "bound boy" or indentures, around 1634/5, probably from London. One of his lineal descendants was Benjamin Franklin Sturtevant (1833-1890), an inventor (ex-cobbler) who founded the large engineering company B.F. Sturtevant & Co.

[Note from Ray Sturtivant: - My own surmise is that Samuel was one of the two sons of John Sturtevant of Kneesall, Nottinghamshire. Samuel and Joseph were apprenticed in 1630 to a cutler at Sheffield. Joseph completed his apprenticeship and remained in Sheffield, but Samuel failed to do so and no further record of him has been found in England]

William Sturtevant of Norwalk, Connecticut had two children. He was born around 1634-45, probably in England, but possibly in America (Virginia?), and was the founder of the Connecticut branch. He died at Norwalk some time between Christmas Day 1714 and 22.2.1715, by then very aged. He had a son John born at Norwalk in 1676, other children being Sarah, Jonathan, Joseph and Elizabeth. There are various reports as to his origins, namely:

(1) He was the son of John, a silversmith of London who went to America.
(2) He was once a silversmith in London.
(3) He was kidnapped on London Bridge and taken overseas as a 'bound boy'.
(4) He was born at Plympton, Mass around 1654.

William Sturtevant was one of the counsel who prepared the charter for the City of Nieuw Amsterdam (now New York) in 1652. He could be the William Sturtevant mentioned in a Charles City, Virginia court record in 1666.

Mary Sturdivant arrived at Virginia in 1665.

John Sturtevant (or Sturdevant ) was the second husband of Hannah, who had previous married William Crow on 1.4.1644. He became a wealthy merchant and has numerous descendants.

William Sturdivant arrived at Maryland in 1669.

John Sturdivant was in Virginia by 1649, and was granted land in Henrico County, Virginia in 1652. He was the second husband of Sarah Hallom, being married in Charles City County, Va around 1659/60. They had sons Daniel, Llewellyn, Mathew and Chichester. He was a successful planter and trader, and one of the leader's of Bacon's Rebellion in 1676/7. Maybe born before 1631, probably in England but possibly in America. [Note that he was not the son of Roger Sturtivant ]

Richard Sturdivant arrived at Maryland in 1671.

Thomas Sturtevant , baptised 23.8.1609, son of William and Margaret of Sutton-on-Trent, Notts, went overseas (possibly to America), but had returned to England by 1680 when he was a porter in London.

None of the following has been tied in with any of the English families. They may simply have been arrivals from other American ports:

Isaac Sturtavent arrived Boston, Mass in 1764.

Joseph Sturdivant arrived Philadelphia in 1832.

R. Sturtevant arrived at San Francisco in 1850.

G.H. Sturtevant arrived at San Francisco in 1850.

Miss M. Sturtevant arrived at San Francisco in 1860.

E. Sturtevant arrived San Francisco 1851.

O.B. Sturtevant arrived San Francisco 1852.

J.B. Sturdevant arrived San Francisco 1852.

Jeanne Leonora Sturtevant , daughter of Saunderson Henry & Sophia of England, was married in New York in March 1904 to Dr George K.de Kappela

Clarence Sturtevant , an American citizen, enlisted in the 2nd/1st West Lancashire Brigade, Royal Field Artillery in 1915. His next of kin was given as Mrs Etta Ramsdell, Whitman, Massachusetts.

There are two well known places in America with the name Sturtevant :

(1) Sturtevant village is 5 miles west of Racine, in Racine County, south east Wisconsin. It is in a truck farming region, and is a rail-road shipping point. In 1962 its population was 1,176.

(2) Sturtevant's Camp is in California, the nearest large town being Pasadena. It was started by Wilbur Sturtevant , who was born in Ohio around 1840/1 and died in New York in 1910. He had fought with the Ohio Volunteers in the American Civil War, and settled down with his family after being discharged in 1864. Later, however, he left them, and in 1893 started his trail camp in the San Gabriel Mountains, in the foothills of the Sierra Madre. It was situated near the head of the Big Santa Anita Canyon, and in those days could only be reached by way of a long trek over Mount Wilson, now well known for its Observatory. In 1945 the camp was bought by the Methodists, and run by them as a religious retreat and conference centre, under the name Camp Sturtevant .

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