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Lives of great men all remind us,
We can make our lives sublime,
And, departing, leave behind us,
Footprints on the sands of time.

From "A Psalm of Life" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow  (1807-1882)


Sturdivant the Counterfeitor
The Raid on Sturdivant's Fort (Fort Sturdivant or Sturdivant's Castle)


William E. Sturtivant - The Halifax Murderer
(or was he innocent??!!)


Mason writes, "On the night of May 21, 1930, he murdered handsome Nick Sturtevant as they sat together in an automobile parked along the road near Dillon Beach. Sturtevant was a hijacker who had been supplying Marin County millionaires with booze." Ref.


RAY STURTIVANT - AIR HISTORIAN is now world renowned for his work.
He has written 23 aviation related books.

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Geoff Sturtivant (European Space Symposium papers)

Chris Sturtivant - has written many papers on Dolphins and Whales and published photographs

Carl Sturtivant - has written many papers on Mathematics

Glossary of Hittite language translations (Mesopotania) published in 1936 by Edgar Sturtevant (in English) Ref.


Summary of historical UK Patents

Geoff Sturtivant patent for Space Satellite Antenna Deployment Arm Hinge Actuator Mechanism designs


Alfred Henry Sturtevant - genetic research scientist
He was one of the first to warn against the hazards of fallout as a consequence of nuclear bomb testing.


Helena Sturtevant [American, 1872-1946] - Painting 'Sailing off Newport'.


Donald Sturtivant was a Leader of the Midland Light Orchestra, and member of the BBC Symphony Orchestra.


Marc Stirdivant - Second Assistant Director on Frasier


10 June 1650 : "According to our order, wee haue found out and marked a new way from Joaneses Riuer to the Massachusetts Path through John Rogers his ground, and are all agreed the said way by vs marked out to bee most convenient and least preiuditiall. "Wittnes our hands heere vnder written. John Howland, Francis Cooke, Joshua Pratt, John Wood, Samuell Sturtivant , Henery Howland, Tho: Heward, Seni, John Washburne, Seni, Henery Sampson, Gorg: Partridge, Tho: Lettis, Willam Paybody. All Sworne." Plymouth Colony Records, Vol. 2, p. 160. (REF)

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William Sturtevant, 1652
William Sturtevant was a member of the Peter Styvesant Council which prepared a charter for the City of New York in 1652.

1927. The Holland Tunnel in New York (which connects New York to New Jersey) was a major
engineering feat and would not have been possible without the B.F.Sturtevant ventilation system.
84 Sturtevant Silentvane fans (housed in towering ventillation buildings) were used to provide fresh air.
A book was written about the tunnel and ventilation in 1927. (Ref Books)

CLERGY 1600's

Simon Sturtevant was a colourful character born in 1570.


Bob Sturtivant was a member of the Royal Marines Freefall Parachute Display Team in a 17-man stack in October 1985 for 'The Big Jump' in the BBC1 UK television series 'Record Breakers'.


Ray Sturtivant - presented with an ISO (Imperial Service Order) by the Queen in 1986

Albert Sturtevant - Aviator and Hero (posthumous Navy Cross)


The STURTEVANT AEROPLANE Co. AIRCRAFT (Click here for more information)

The STURTEVANT AEROPLANE Co. ENGINES (Click here for more information)

The Sturdivant Brothers
Sturdivant Brothers Flying at Sturdivant Farm (Glen Dora, Mississippi) - has a 1800 foot paved runway for their own use! (Sturdivant farms is one of the largest agricultural operations in the Mississippi Delta, with thousands of acres of Cotton, rice and soybeans. )


The STURTEVANT Automobiles.


Geoff Sturtivant owned and raced a Clubmans Sports 1600 racing car.
For several years he raced at most of the major race tracks in the UK. His best result was 4th at Thruxton.



The destroyers USS STURTEVANT (DE239) and USS STURTEVANT (DD240) played their part in US Navy history.


The STURTEVANT Steam engines.



Major Edward Everett Sturtevant of Keene, New Hampshire (believed to be of the 5th New Hampshire) to your honor roll. He was killed in the service of the Union Army in one of several futile charges at Fredericksburg, Virginia during the American Civil War. There is a memorial painting of Major Sturtevant hanging in the New Hampshire Statehouse .

S STURTIVANT - First World War Corporal, Sherwood Foresters (died 28th September 1917)

Albert Dillon Sturtevant
Albert Dillon STURTEVANT - First World War Aviator
Albert was the first aviator ever to be brought down in the service of the United States (15 February 1918).

Cecil STURTIVANT (My Grandfather) - First World War Naval service on Royal Navy minesweeper and HMS King George V.

William North STURTEVANT Jr - Second World War Aviator

Carl STURTEVANT , PFC. Lost his life in WWII. Served in 1st Platoon, L Company, 3rd Battalion, 7th Marines.
Killed in action on Hill 120, Oct. 4, 1944 in the battle of Peleliu. Home town Lynn, Mass. USA

Wilbur James STURTEVANT - Lost his life in WWII. Second World Leading Aircraftman (died 24th April 1947) R/127129 Royal Canadian Air Force.

Harvey Willard STURTEVANT shot down six Japanese aircraft toward the end of the Second World War.

Solomon Callis STURDIVANT
Solomon Callis STURDIVANT lost his life in WWII. He was a Private First Class, US Army 231st Anti-Aircraft Artillery Searchlight Battalion. His family believe he lost his life somewhere in France whilst driving a truck, March 5, 1945, and is buried at Epinal American Cemetery, Epinal, France. His family would like more information on his service and death, as his records were destroyed in 1970.
If you can help please click here. (A street in Atlantic Beach, Florida, USA is named after him - see the page on places )

More to follow
(Please let me know of any more servicemen or details and photos)

WILD WEST HERO (and decorator)

Rocky Mountain Joe Sturtevant

Rocky Mountain Joe Sturtevant was a True Wild West Hero confronting Indians on the new frontier, (Scout for General Custer, and captured by Sitting Bull) - later, after an exciting life he turned his hand to a 'paper hanging and decorating' business! (and photography - see below)


The Victorian STURTEVANT-LARRABEE Co. succeeded the Kingman, Sturtevant & Larrabee, Carriage & Sleigh Builders in Binghamton, N.Y. USA.

TV Fiction: - The Rockford Files - "The No-Cut Contract"

"In this exciting and funny episode of the hit TV series "The Rockford Files," ROB REINER guest stars as King Sturtevant , a crooked, small-time pro quarterback who tries to be a big-shot, tries to impress women, and succes in implicating an unsuspecting Jim Rockford (JAMES GARNER) in a blackmail scheme. When King is questioned by federal agents about tapes that finger underworld figures, he finds Rockford's name in the phone book and points the officers toward Jim. Now Rockford is on the run from the feds and the mob. Ironically, Rockford finds that he must work for King in order to clear his name...it's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it!


Cannon Street Station in the 1940s


A wall plaque is referred to in Mattapoisett (Ref.) for CAPTAIN SAMUEL STURTEVANT JR - 1820.


Sergeant Major Sturtivant was in the army for 22 years and fought in many military campaigns, including the Crimean War.


John Sturtevant was a Set Director on many films in the 50s and 60s (including ' Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea' and 'The Lost World' ).
In 1967 he was co-nominated for an Oscar as 'Best Art Direction-Set Decoration, Color for: The Sand Pebbles (1966)'


Emilie Sturtevant was a pioneer in early radio in the 1920's with Radio WBZ.
She is described in the Hammond Museum of Radio as 'One of the station's first Programme Directors (that's how they spelled it in those days) was a woman-- Emilie Sturtevant. Back then, the PD actually was like a Music Director-- he or she scheduled the guests and often had to fill in if the talent didn't show up.
Like many PDs in those days, Miss Sturtevant was also a musician (as were several of WBZ's announcers.) And like many women in early radio, she also did double-duty, as the General Manager's administrative assistant.'


Tom Sturdivant was a league Baseball player between 1955 and 1964. He threw Right Handed and batted Left Handed!


STURTEVANT POULTRY REMEDIES... printed at bottom of long cvr w/top half filled with illustrations of various farm animals (pig, horse, cows, ducks, chickens, etc) across an orange background. 1906 dated HARTFORD, CONN. mc ties horiz pair of #319 2c carmine. On back are colored illus. of product tins & of horse, w/list of various products, such as "The Sturtevant Chicken Cholera Cure", etc... minor edge tears. Presumed to be F.C. STURTEVANT Co. as below. (Ref.)



Sturtevant's Poultry Hints is for Blue Comb or Pullet Disease. This is a sales card made by the MAPLE TREE FARM, Halifax, Mass, - HOME OF STURTEVANTS STURDY CHICKS!.

Does anyone know a date for this, and if its related to the items above or just a coincidence??


Rocky Mountain Joe Sturtevant (see Wild West Hero ) also became a respected photographer and many of his photographs are now part of the '...outstanding collection known as the Karakehian Collection. The photographs date from around 1865 to 1940. This assortment includes photographs by William Henry Jackson and J.B. Sturtevant (a.k.a. Rocky Mountain Joe), both well-known western photographers. Many of the photographs illustrate historic Boulder, Aspen and many other Colorado towns and ghost towns.' The photographs are now for sale individually on the Internet!! Reference


A court case involving two of the Sturtevant companies is used in law reference as a classic case of rights to a name!

If a man trading and wants to turn his business into a limited company, he is entitled prima facie to use as part of the name of the company the name he has been using.
Sturtevant Engineering Co. v. Sturtevant Mill Co. of U.S.A. Ltd. [1936] 3 All E.R. 137
Reference1 (general)
Reference2 (in Smirnoff court case)


STURTIVANT HALL , Selma, Alabama. - The one time president of the First National Bank of Selma is believed to make appearances at his beloved home built in 1852. John McGee Parkman was killed upon trying to escape from prison after being arrested for speculating in cotton with bank funds. He has been spotted gazing out of the cupola at the top of the mansion. Guides tell of sensing his presence in an upstairs bedroom, and once the fire department was called when smoke was observed pouring out an upstairs window. When they arrived, the window was locked and no evidence of fire was found.

Click here to go to another Sturtivant Hall ghost story site.

ECHOES FROM THE GLENS By Lynne Sturtevant - Luxury and Legends: Haunted Castle Hotels


'Sturtevant's paradox' The paradox by which sound-change is regular but creates irregularity while analogical change is irregular but creates regularity. Thus a sound-change may give rise to an irregular inflection; an analogical change may replace it with the one that is usual.

Formulated as a paradox by E. H. Sturtevant in the 1940s.

The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Linguistics, Oxford University Press


Harry Sturtivant , who had lived in the Croydon, Surrey area, became a golf professional and designed a golf course in Frensham Park for Lord Pearson (of Pearson's Magazine), then took up a similar post at Knocke, Belgium in 1911. He was called up into the British Army on the outbreak of the First World War, so returned to England with his wife Florence and two children Charles Stuart (born 1908) and Irene Peggy (born 1910).


Brian Sturtevant painted the following modern picture in 1966.


Armor and Sturtevant , are a music group with their own website .

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